Adorable Pink Peri Bottle – Perineal Recovery Postpartum Care



  • NEW MOM MUST-HAVE] Adorable Pink Peri, the essential for new moms, provides effortless cleansing. Its angled spout and non-electrical design ensure a comfortable postpartum experience. With a 12 oz (360 ml) capacity, it includes a nozzle cap and waterproof storage bag. Fill it up, experience a gentle stream of water cleansing your intimate area, and enjoy complete control with this manual bidet washer.
  • [VERSATILE & PORTABLE COMPANION] This upside down water spray bottle is not only an essential item to pack for expectant mothers heading to the hospital, but it also serves as a reliable travel companion for any occasion. Its compact size and lightweight design make it perfectly suited for travel. The delightful pink color symbolizes love and care for all women and men who use it. The package includes a waterproof bag and a nozzle cap, ensuring hassle-free transportation.
  • [CONVENIENT RETRACTABLE NOZZLE] Enjoy convenience & versatility with the foldable nozzle. Designed for maximum cleansing efficiency, it effortlessly reaches desired areas with minimal hand movement. Ideal for postpartum women, menstrual cup users, and frequent travelers, it offers a refreshing, shower-like cleansing experience while seated on the toilet. After use, fold the nozzle, place it in the bag provided, and carry it discreetly in your bag for convenient portability.
  • [EASY TO CLEAN + EASY TO CARRY] Experience relief and reduce waste with Adorable Pink Peri. Made of gentle EVA material, it offers soothing cleansing for moms and serves as an eco-friendly alternative to excessive toilet paper. Please avoid using boiling water to clean the bottle, as it may cause damage. Instead, use soapy water to maintain its sanitary condition.
  • [ECO-FRIENDLY + MINIMIZED WASTE] Embrace an environmentally conscious approach with this convenient solution for pain management and cleansing. This method offers excellent alternatives to excessive toilet paper usage and provides soothing relief. By inverting the bottle between your legs, you can effortlessly (remove the cup for period cup users) and cleanse your intimate area (for new moms) using the soft EVA bottle with an angled spout.
  • [10 WATER HOLES = MAXIMUM CLEANSING] Its easy squeezing and spraying action ensure optimal hygiene. With 10 water holes in the nozzle, you’ll experience a powerful stream for thorough cleaning. Bid farewell to disposable wipes and other tools, as this straightforward combination promotes clean, convenient, and effortlessly glamorous periods.
  • [EMPOWERING SUSTAINABLE WOMEN’S CARE] The Adorable Pink Peri is a celebrated brand in sustainable care, catering to girls, women, and new moms alike. We are committed to ensuring a comfortable experience for all. Our top-selling products are meticulously crafted with versatility in mind, serving multiple purposes to reduce waste.
  • [OUR PROMISE] With a firm focus on minimalist packaging, we actively promote environmental well-being. Embrace a natural, organic, and holistic approach to caring for your unique cycle, empowering yourself while honoring the planet. Join us in championing sustainable practices for a healthier, more eco-conscious future.
Adorable Pink Peri Bottle – Perineal Recovery Postpartum Care


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